We are pleased to announce that we are stocking Le Tonkinois Wood Oil Varnish and providing it to the Australian market via an accredited carbon neutral delivery service. This proven system on wood and metal is better for the environment than solvent based varnishes, and a perfect protection both indoors and outdoors. Le Tonkinois forms a permanent protective film on wood and degreased metals and is free from aromatic, ethereal, chlorinated and harmful solvents, as well as chemical UV stabilizers. It does not develop any harmful fumes and can be used indoors without any problems. It retains the natural, warm character of the wood for an almost unlimited period of time, even under extreme climatic conditions. More coats equals more protection, but a rough guide would be minimum 3 coats for interior, 6+ for exterior and 10+ for marine applications.  Le Tonkinois Wood Oil Varnish is made from pure linseed oil and tung oil, cooked in a proprietary process by the same family in France since 1906. This ancient Chinese recipe was, in fact, learned from the Vietnamese during French colonization, so its true age is unknown. For almost 100 years, it was the official varnish of the French Navy.

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Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil can be used as an impregnation oil in all types of wood prior to coating with Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish, and it can also be used on its own as a soft, matte varnish.

Bio Impression Oil is made from linseed oil, palm oil, and castor oil, and it has good penetrating properties in to the wood, protecting it from the inside out from water and stabilizing it by limiting expansion and contraction.

As an impregnation oil, Bio Impression Oil penetrates deeper into the wood fibre, providing a good surface for adhesion and extending the overall life of the varnish top coats.

As a matte varnish on its own, several coats can be applied to give great protection for wood, especially teak, enhancing the colour of the wood and providing durable protection, even in coastal environments. Great for the protection of outdoor wooden furniture.

Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed Oil Varnish is a durable, long-lasting, natural oil varnish for all types of wood and metal. It can be used indoors or outdoors in marine, architectural, and decorative projects. The varnish is very effective against corrosion, even in harsh marine environments and below the water line.

Despite being very robust and resistant to scuffs and abrasion, this varnish remains flexible and is not prone to cracking or peeling. It has excellent resistance to salt water and to UV light.

Marine Nº1 Linseed Oil Varnish is refined at a higher temperature than the Classic Anti-corrosion Varnish, and so it has some different characteristics, such as:

  • Higher resistance to scuffs and abrasion;
  • Thinner, more elastic, and penetrates deeper;
  • Produces a higher gloss;
  • Even greater UV resistance;
  • Dries faster (re-coat after 10-12 hours under ideal conditions);
  • Does not form a skin in the can;

Gelomat is a thixotropic additive for Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish to reduce the sheen of the final finish.

Add Gelomat to only the final 1-2 coats of varnish (depending on application thickness) to achieve the desired surface sheen. It is not necessary to add Gelomat to all coats of varnish.

Achieve the desired sheen with these easy mixing ratios:

  • Matte – 1 part Gelomat : 1 part varnish
  • Silky Matte – 1 part Gelomat : 2 parts varnish
  • Silky Gloss – 1 part Gelomat : 3 parts varnish

Any level of sheen can be achieved depending on the ratio of Gelomat to varnish. Always do tests to ensure the desired result.