• A general purpose isothalic/orthothalic
  • Low styrene emission and is designed for both
  • Hand lay-up and spray applications


  • Ultraclear casting resin, for small casting work.
  • And embedding objects.can be tinted with
  • Our range of transparent and opaque pigments.
  • Or a little bit of pearlex.


  • Providing exceptional corrosion protection
  • Superior heat resistance, and high structural strength.


  • Marine and industrial uses, range of colours available
  • Has excellent gloss off the mould, weather resistance
  • And tohgness.also great for cold cast parts in art.


  • Brush on thickened coating for finish on
  • Fibreglass work.available pre mixed white, grey.
  • Neutral also available for tinting.


  • Used for the production of fibreglass reinforced
  • Polyester moulds. High gloss and hard wearing.


  • Barrel rollers
  • Disc and paddle rollers
  • Catalyst dispensers
  • Mix cups and sticks
  • Industrial brushes
  • Bags of rags and acetone


  • A large rane under our reinforcements
  • Listing.


  • Catalyst for all the above products.